Ukrainian Special by Chef Kunkel – September 14 & 16

In our continued efforts to raise funds for the Ukraine relief needs, ChefCentury will offer a Ukrainian Special 4-Course Dinner for two days on September 14 and September 16, prepared by Chef Brad Kunkel. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to the UN World Health Programme (WFP) to help refugees from Ukraine and others impacted by the war. 

“I’ll cook some of my favorites and use some of my mother-in-law’s recipes,” Kunkel said. Kunkel and his family hail from Ukraine, and he looks forward to sharing authentic Ukrainian food with Bay Area residents.

4-Course Hot Dinner Menu

chicken schnitzel- Ukrainian Special 4-Course Dinner
chicken schnitzel -Ukrainian Special 4-Course Dinner

1. Chicken schnitzel with paprika sour cream sauce & noodles

A lean cut of meat, in this case chicken breast: pounded and panko crusted and fried, is a staple of eastern European cuisine including Ukraine.  Many come with some kind of sauce, and for this version I use roasted red bell pepper, onion, garlic, green bell pepper and paprika to bring more regional flavor to the typical sour cream based sauce used for most schnitzels.  Served with noodles. 

2. Cabbage roll casserole

“Holubsti” was a particular favorite of the Mennonite diaspora.  Ground turkey, seasoned with onion and spices, rolled in a cabbage leaf and baked with a tomato and sour cream sauce.  

3. Ukrainian vegetable salad

Cucumbers seemed to show up a lot in our traditional food.  This salad includes sweet peppers and tomatoes and a kind of dill ranch dressing.  

4. Cheese Mlyntsi

Thin pancakes showed up in a number of ways growing up.  One of them was when cottage cheese was wrapped in them and served with a berry sauce for dessert.  

Ordering Information

The meals are hot, freshly prepared by Chefs on Sept. 14 and Sept 16

  • Ukrainian Special 4-Course Dinner: Single: $30, For Two: $50
  • Delivery Date: September 14 & September 16, 2022
  • Choose Free Pickup or Delivery at Checkout
  • Pickup or Delivery Time Slots: 1 – 3 pm, 3 – 5 pm
  • Order Cut-Off Date: Order by September 11 for September 14, Order by September 13 for September 16.
  • Free Delivery (Single or For Two orders): Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Stanford & Sunnyvale
  • Free Pickup at 1505 S. Winchester Blvd San Jose CA 95128
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