Healthy Cuisines by Local Chefs

Healthy Cuisines by Local Chefs

Supporting Worthy Causes & Promoting Local Chefs

Happy 2023 To All!

Thank you for your patience as we work through the details of the new and improved ChefCentury. We’re diligently working on it and you’ll find it exciting with more opportunities to meet new chefs, try new foods and even have the chance to hear music as well. We’ll keep you abreast of our progress over the coming weeks. We’d love to hear from you if you have a particular type of food you’d like to try.

Thank You for Supporting our Thanksgiving, Good Food for Good Causes Special

On November 23, with your generous support, ChefCentury distributed full course Thanksgiving dinners to the homeless at Columbus Park in San Jose. The dinner included roast turkey, bread stuffing, fluffy mashed potatoes, green beans and a pumpkin bread pudding. Everyone at ChefCentury thanks our loyal customers for their contribution, Happy Holidays!

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Our Promise

ChefCentury is a platform connecting talented local chefs to our Bay Area community. With no upfront cost, we provide our chefs with access to a Local and State-licensed commercial kitchen, marketing, delivery logistics and customer service so they can focus on their culinary skills. Support our local chefs and sample the variety of cuisines they prepare for Holiday Specials, Pop-Ups, Catering and our “Good Food for Good Causes” fundraisers, delivered to your home, typically at no cost.

Chef Nia Robello

Meet Chef Nia. Raised in Honolulu, she learned to cook from her mother and both grandmothers. The concept of family holds its importance especially for the Thanksgiving holiday. Chef Nia said her family will gather with good food and music to create new memories. She has partnered with ChefCentury to ensure that many of our local homeless can have a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year.

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How it works


Each month we will have a different tasty menu for you to explore. Just remember to order before the cutoff date.


Each month we will partner with a different charity, giving at least ten percent of proceeds.


Each month a different local chef will prepare the meals.

Good food for good causes by local chefs

Good food for good causes.

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November Is For Giving

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can take a lot of time and effort. This year, why not have ChefCentury prepare it for you? Ordering from us gives you the added benefit of touching the lives of the homeless and supporting local chefs.

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Local & Fresh

ChefCentury embodies local: we invite local chefs to prepare meals and partner with local charities as much as possible although causes often extend beyond the Bay Area.
Our chefs prepare food the same day as delivery and we only deliver within a 20-mile radius of our  San Jose commercial kitchen. No shipping, no freezing, no wondering when where or by whom food is prepared. Chefs use the freshest, local ingredients to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible

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With November’s special, we return to the traditional, but in other months we have and will continue to explore different cuisines often to match the causes we support. We invite you on the tasting journey to enjoy good food, support good causes and meet and support local chefs.

What people are saying?

Yelp Chef Century Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

ChefCentury is changing the way I buy and consume to go food! I love that they help local nonprofits ensure that locals have gourmet meals at no cost. Continue reading...

Miracle G., San Jose, CA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So gooood and mouthful of flavors! That’s how I would describe ChefCentury! This place is basically a commercial kitchen that host all these talented chefs of different ethics specialty cooking serving great RESTAURANT food at great price. Continue reading…

Minh N. San Jose,

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