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Chef Danae McLaughlin

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What People Say?

Minh N.
San Jose, CA

So gooood and mouthful of flavors! That’s how I would describe ChefCentury! This place is basically a commercial kitchen that host all these talented chefs of different ethics specialty cooking serving great RESTAURANT food at great price. Oh my word…
My favorite item so far are the tortellini with alfredo sauce and added grilled chicken breast. Chicken breast are moist and they seem to grill it on wood? Might be smoked, but there is nice aroma from it. Tortellini with stuft ricotta cheese with shredded parmesan cheese on top and that alfredo sauce! I would go on about it for days. I went here 2 days in a row because of this item.
Butter Chicken with nan are amazing too! Portion is great and spiced nicely. Perhaps the best butter chicken I have ever had.
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Sandra Le:
First time ordering from Chef Century, picked up Chef Jayson Malla’s pop up dinner tonight. The main course had pulehu style boneless short ribs with charred broccolini and furikake onigiri. The short ribs were more medium than I would have liked but they were still tender. The accompanying jalapeño finadene was delicious! The bay shrimp poke was a little bland and the mandarin/fennel/edamame salad was interesting with the li-hing mui vinaigrette. The ube butter mochi cake with toasted coconut was sooooo good! Moist and a little chewy with that vaguely vanilla flavor, it was my favorite. What I like about trying new places is learning about new foods. There were at least 1 word in each course I had to look up. Thoroughly enjoyed my meal!
Eat inside the box:
Chef Century is a local initiative bringing in guest chefs to showcase their culinary talent.
I ordered a four-course Hawaiian-inspired meal prepared by Chef Jayson Malla, and overall it was a tasty experience.
The course in order: Bay Shrimp Poke, Satsuma Mandarins and Fennel Salad, Pulehu Style Boneless Short Ribs, MAC’s Ube Butter Mochi. I was surprised by the Li-hing mui in the vinaigrette on the salad, as it is an ingredient introduced to me by my mom. With the main course, I really enjoyed the tender short rib with the pop of heat from the finadene sauce. Finally, I really loved the texture of the butter mochi.
I’m excited to see what other delicious meals will be on offer from this concept, and really glad that it takes much less than a century to experience this way to #EatInsideTheBox!


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