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We help you build a future in the food business

ChefCentury is a newly formed company with a mission to assist talented local chefs in building a thriving food business.

Our platform for chefs offers you, a unique opportunity at no upfront cost, to grow your business in Corporate Catering, Holiday specials, POP-UPs, and host guests at The Cats restaurant in Los Gatos. 

What Our Platform Offers?

You Focus on Cooking, We Handle the Rest!

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The Cats Kitchen

No upfront cost to use a Fully Licensed Kitchen

Social Media Marketing

We use social media to promote your cuisines, interact with your followers and grow your brand.

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Customer Support

We handle all customer’s inquiries and support

Chef Program Specifics:

ChefCentury provides the following to our chefs:

  1. Use of fully equipped, licensed commercial kitchen to prepare and cook their cuisines for corporate catering, holiday specials, pop-ups, and a chance to host guests at the iconic The Cats in Los Gatos.
  2. Chef’s personal web page and special page highlighting chef’s menus for food buyers and corporate catering.
  3. Online marketing on social media, Google and email campaign.
  4. Manage and support all consumer and business inquiries and food ordering.
  5. Arrange and procure all food packaging for food delivery.
  6. Schedule and manage all deliveries to customers in the Bay Area.
  7. There is no upfront cost or financial risk for our chefs. We share profits together.

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