Our Catering

Our catering team is made up of seasoned, talented chefs with extensive experience working at traditional restaurants, university dining halls and catering at private and public events. They are well versed in serving local and ethnic cuisines. Our team is a collective of amazing people striving to create healthy and delicious cuisines for our community.

All of our boxed lunches are freshly prepared on the day of delivery. Each meal is safely packed individually and delivered on the date you need. Our menu choices are growing all the time as more chefs join our platform.

Our Catering Difference

Cuisines by Chefs

Variety in One Delivery

Support Local Chefs

Multiple Days in 1 Order

Our Catering Chefs

A Team of Chefs bringing you quality, multi-ethnic meals daily

Chef Cecilia - ChefCentury Lunch Catering
Chef Cecilia Garza
Chef Cecilia Garza

Global Cuisine Catering

Catering Chef Nia Robello
Chef Nia Robello
Chef Nia Robello

Hawaiian Cuisine Catering

chef danae mclaughlin - chefcentury
Chef Danae McLaughlin
Chef Danae McLaughlin

Holiday Specials Catering

ChefCentury - Chef Bikram Das
Chef Bikram Das
Chef Bikram Das

Indian Cuisine Catering

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