Chef Kyle McGrath - ChefCentury POP-UP

About Chef Kyle McGrath

Panamanian & Soul Food Fusion

Born and Raised in San Francisco’s Bayview and Fillmore districts, Chef Kyle grew up learning from his grandmothers who were both chefs, one from Montgomery AL and the other from Panama, establishing his palate and love for food. After College/SemiPro Football, Kyle’s appetite and metabolism no longer matched and he soon found himself well over 300lbs. Determined to recharge his quality of life, in 2014, Kyle became a student at Le Cordon Bleu SF to learn nutritional values and culinary origins to pursue his passion for healthy comfort food. 

Kyle was immediately recruited by the Bay Area’s First Private Chef/Caterer Website (Kitchit) and began to find his style and niche. Chef Kyle has since held Sous Chef positions at Hornblower SF, Split, Cockscomb, Dukes Malibu, Google, Off The Grid, Passages of Malibu, Paula Le Duc Fine Catering, Belcampo Meats and has even been behind the scenes of record breaking start ups like TrapKitchen and Vegan Mob. Now poised to bring all of his experience, skill and passion to the foodies and families of the South Bay,

The Art of Smoke BBQ Dinner

Chef Kyle offered his unique 13 Hr. Smoked 4-Course BBQ dinner during his POP-UP Special.

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