Chef Evelyn Nguyen - ChefCentury POP-UP

About Chef Evelyn Nguyen

Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine with a Twist

Evelyn born in Central Vietnam and moved to San Jose in 1990. As the oldest sibling in a big family, she was always in the kitchen helping her mom and grandma with big weekend parties or daily dinners. She found her passion for cooking after taking a Home Ed class in high school.
Being able to travel to different parts of the world has brought a lot of value to her cooking style. She loves the idea of East meet West when it comes to cuisines. Her desire to share good food has kept her busy, she loves bringing new elements to traditional recipes, constantly trying new ingredients, and is always searching for the right balance in her dishes.

Modern Vietnamese POP-UP Dinner

Chef Evelyn shared her modern Vietnamese cuisine with a special 4-Course POP-UP dinner for ChefCentury’s audience.

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