Food Inspiration

Chef Adrian Pham grew up in North Carolina where his uncle owned a Chinese restaurant. He learned to appreciate how simple ingredients and steps could create an amazing meld of flavors from his grandparents and further nurtured a passion for food with travels abroad including to Japan. He said Japanese cuisine is still his favorite. “I love the simplicity and how they allow the quality and flavor of ingredients to shine.”

Getting the chance to explore Pakistani dishes and learn about halal ingredients and preparation as well as participating in a cause to help people in need encouraged him to join ChefCentury in its latest fundraiser.

Introducing Cross Hatch

A partner in Cross Hatch Eatery, which launched in 2015, Adrian said he never had plans to become a chef, but he wanted to be his own boss and food inspired him. The company initially was a “wing-it” project, started in farmers markets where they still have some locations. The company then branched out into private & corporate catering and festival food services. 
“Our goal was to figure out a way to have low overhead & startup costs in the culinary world and be able to test/cook/sell products. So that we could then help other entrepreneurs with a solid plan for success in the field,” Adrian said.
Cross Hatch hopes to be able to hold events that would feature local small businesses & showcase their goods. Starting a business brings many challenges. Adrian said his biggest one was learning how to work with others in a way that would build future leaders. “I’ve always had a knack for being domineering in terms of leading a team to success — but, once I learned to step aside and allow others to step up — I began to see how much more successful and efficient things can be with a full team of leaders.”

Modern Take on Comfort Foods

Cross Hatch serves comfort foods from around the world with a modern twist, using seasonal, fresh ingredients from local farmers markets. They draw inspiration from Asian countries as well as those along the Mediterranean.
Adrian said currently their most popular dish is a Pork Belly Bao Bun. “It’s sous-vide in our special brine & then pan fried for a crispy exterior whilst leaving the interior juicy. The toppings include cucumbers, scallions & a sweet pickled daikon – all placed in a fluffy slightly sweet lotus flour bun.”

Their goal aligns with ChefCentury’s: to serve delicious and affordable food customers will come back for
again and again.

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