Chef Brad’s Nutrition Cooking Educational Series

Chef Brad’s nutrition cooking videos are based on chef’s cooking and nutritional insights developed over the years. Its aim is to help you develop a healthy and delicious eating lifestyle. These videos cover a range of topics, you will learn:

1. How to eat food that supports your body’s natural immune system and fat burning capacity without sacrificing flavor and variety.
2. Some general nutrition insights (carbs aren’t the enemy; fats are good).
3. Basic techniques for cooking protein, vegetables, and grain.
4. Flavor profiles so your meals can be delicious as well as healthy.

“Eating healthy can be fabulously delicious and enjoyable!”

Chef Brad

About Chef Brad Kunkel

Upon completing culinary school, Brad immediately became a personal chef, helping families and busy professionals with their weekly meals. A few years into that career, he was approached by a personal trainer looking for a nutritional system for his clients to complement his personal training and help them really achieve their goals. Out of that was born the Nutrition Kitchen and the motivation for Brad to learn more about what really supports a person’s metabolic function for weight management and immune support. As a meal prep service, Brad’s Nutrition Kitchen has been helping support his client’s wellness for almost a decade and the best of what Chef Brad has developed now comes to Chef Century to help you eat well and eat healthy.

On Carbs

Chef Brad on Carbohydrates

Preparing Salad

Chef Brad shared his choice of ingredients for salads

Pureed Soup

Chef Brad showed how to make pureed vegetable soup

Grilling Vegetables

Chef Brad demonstrated grilling and roasting vegetables

Cutting Vegetables

Chef Brad demonstrated techniques on cutting vegetables

Nutrition Cooking Lessons

Chef Brad’s introduction to his series of video lessons on Nutrition Cooking

Cooking Vegetables

Chef Brad demonstrated techniques on cooking vegetables

Braising Vegetables

Chef Brad demonstrated techniques on braising vegetables

Breakfast – Egg Scramble

Chef Brad shows us how to make the most out of eggs, a staple for a healthy breakfast.

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